John Fabry

CLI Fanatic, Coffee Junkie

Get-Person -Name "John Fabry"

I'm a sysadmin specializing in Active Directory and Office 365 while branching out into G Suite administration. I'm also interested in identity management and SSO through federation and SaaS applications. I'm a frequent scripter and enjoy messing around with code. I'm very proficient with PowerShell, and I can hack my way through small C# and Python 3 projects when I come up with a good idea. I have a background in networking from college, and I regularly find myself digging through packet captures. I have some interest in web development and maintain a couple of websites. I'm grateful for frameworks like Bootstrap that save me from having to rely on my own UX design sense.

In my free time I'm a *nix and open source enthusiast. I think IRC is still significantly better than social networks, and I still actively use a BBS. Vim is the one true editor. When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm likely buried in a book.

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